The Divine Doctor

Whenever humans are sad they pray to God. When God is not able to come directly to solve their problem, they seek another human being in the hope to help them out. So the doctor becomes god for those who are suffering.

As a doctor is in a godly state, and is trying to alleviate the suffering of a fellow human being, monetary profits should not become the intension. Discrimination between the poor and rich should also be avoided. Instead, he should serve with an attitude of gratitude for being chosen to do as a duty to make the suffering go away with the skill that divinity has bestowed him with.

If name and fame follows as a result of his skills, he would attribute the same to the divine and the master and will not be proud of it as it was only his achievement. If so, the divinity within will obstruct and make him falter.

Diseases are the reaction of past actions. When these karmic accounts are settled the disease also goes away. The management of this is in the hands of God. The Divine uses the doctor as an instrument. There could be 100 remedies for one condition. The inner intuition instructs as to which one for which person. Therefore a doctor should meditate and do his duty with the remembrance of God, within as he is instructed by god to chose which for whom, when, where and how.