Our treatment & Herbs

After the examination, patients may receive a prescribed number of days of herbal treatment during the first visit and then may have to take more treatment during the follow-ups, depending upon the severity of the ailments. At the same time, dietary recommendation and corrections of lifestyle are offered as part of our treatment, so that a problem is not only handled by the use of only herbal treatments, but also with the help of a favourable diet and lifestyle changes. In many cases, these lifestyle changes and diet corrections also assist the patient to heal by itself through a natural healthy and safe way. ‘Siddha’ methods of diagnosis and our herbal formulations are mild and gentle and are favorable for people of all ages.

The available Herbals are safe and natural in our Clinic. The method of treatment is very simple. Depending on the "Naadi" (Pulse System) and type of sickness, The herbs are deployed. The body and the life current are related to one another. Generally when the body is affected by diseases the life vigour is slowed down and dulled. The art of fixing and revitalizing the life force for the well being of the person is the theory of Siddha Medicine. It is also built on the foundation of the fundamental theory of ‘Food is medicine and medicine is Food’.

A regular follow up and guidelines regarding food habits and clear conversation with the patient makes the administration of medicines really effective. .