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About Founder

This is just to introduce myself as S. Premila from Toronto Canada, Hereditary Siddha Practitioner (Royal Physicians Treatment),Siddha System of Medicine (IND), Natural Medicine Practitioner® Open International University for complimentary Medicines (Can) and the founder of Pragati Siddha Herbal Clinic & Pragati Siddha Herbal Products.

I come from a traditional family and I am extremely gratified that my Guru Highness Thampi aasaan has chosen me as his next air for his sacred lineage, formally educated at a renowned 'Gurugulam'. (Hermitage).

I am also institutionally graduated in the 'Siddha' System of Medicine. I feel privileged to briefly introduce to you my contributions to the promotion of Indian Systems of Medicine, not only in Tamilnadu and India but also globally.

My studies included Vedas, Upanishads, Eighteen Puranas, Eighteen Siththarkal, The Bhagavat Gita, Ramayan and Srimad Bhagavatham. From my childhood my interests were in spirituality and philosophy. By the time I completed my studies I had already studied other Great Masters and philosophers.

I had a unique experience with Yogar Swamigal of Jaffna Srilanka in 1995. I had another unique experience with Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi on 29th of December 2005. From that day onward I delved deeply in to his teachings. It let me to involve much with 'Siddhar's teaching and their practices. Understood their teaching with faith on them. I got the instructions through them directly and indirectly. I became skilled in the recognition and application of hundreds of indigenous herbs and their traditional methods of preparation and application.

Herbal Medicine Usage

I have been using herbal therapies since 2010 within the families and friends as a service. One of my Medicinal Guru is a hereditary 'Siddha Practitioner who comes in a lineage of at least 14 generations.(Royal Physicians Treatment). I have gained the knowledge of identifying, processing, purification and preparation of various forms of 'Siddha' medicines from my Highness Guru Thampi Aasan. Then traveled throughout Tamil Nadu and Kerala states, collected lots of information from hereditary 'Siddha' practitioners and some tribal people – recorded the valid information after verifying scientifically, then put forth my efforts for years and in the process can identify about few hundred species of herbs.

I have also promoted cultivation of a large number of herbs at our farm in Marunthu Vazh Manai of Kanniyakumari district of Tamilnadu, I have been trained to successfully treat symptoms of all chronic diseases which seems to have challenged the modern medical system. 'Siddha' medicines have internal use formulations such as 'Bhasmas' (Powder), 'Churana’s (mixed herbs powder), 'lehya’s' (herbs paste) and external use formulations such as 'Thailam' (medicated oils for pains due to arthritis, prevention of hair fall, dandruff, Facial and total paralysis, psoriasis etc.

Theory of Total Health I have developed my own ideology and theory about health. I believe that one cannot be healthy in parts and I do believe in total wellness. Total health means physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, personal, economical, and social health. I would like to convince my patients in my own way.

Beside the use of herbal medicines, I would like to give them counselling, explain them how their thinking should be positive and about their relationship with nature. Above all, I teach them the secret of a healthy long life is living without harming others by thoughts, words and deeds and doing the best to help others in whatever possible way, teach them the importance of the influence of the characteristic of their mental and spiritual thoughts, on their happiness and well being of their mind and body.

I am quite successful and much satisfied with this approach.

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