The Objective

Modern medical science has made remarkable achievements along with certain risks, invasions and side effects. Under the pretext of rapid achievements, many illnesses went without a permanent solution. Thus the need for combining and continuing with certain modes of healing which have their roots in the ancient civilizations and which have been followed for centuries to treat chronic ailments becomes appropriate.

Based on Vedic scriptures, the traditional Marma Treatments is probably the oldest massage technique in the world. It becomes the most comprehensive, since it harmonizes the age old art of Hatayoga (the 8 principles of life), the ancient science of Ayurveda, and the profound benefits of Marma (vital pressure points) and the discipline of massage.

The founder of this mode of treatment was the revered sage Agasthya, who lived during the ancient vedic times in the southern Indian states Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

The divine scriptures of Agasthya has brought sense into the comprehensive wellness of mankind which has spread from India to far away lands such as Greece, Rome, Arabia, Sweden, China, Egypt, Japan Etc.

The primary objective of establishing Pragati Siddha Herbal Clinic (PSHC) has been to find an institutional solution to nurture this age old system of healing for the benefit of our future generations.

PSHC strives for the best treatment option for many chronic illnesses.